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AVATAR - The Saga

Another Venture, Another Time, Another Reality

(Autre Vie, Autre Temps, Autre Réalité)

Live Action Role Playing Game / Jeu de Rôle Grandeur Nature

(Annual Mass LARP Game in Belgium since 2001, more than 1000 players, 4 days long)

Official site:

This is a fan project, not related to the official organization of the AVATAR LARP. Not related in any kind to the Avatar movie.

Contact: admin[#]

This wiki holds TIME-IN information and is to be considered as a set of in-game books, knowledge, rumors, etc. To know more about the game itself, consult the Time-Out information below. If you wondering about why this project is created, then the About page may help.

Library of Histories and Tales

The Dream - Basic Principles

The Saga of the Dream (English) / La Saga du Rêve (Français)


Dwellers of the Dream

The Pillars of the Dream World

Factions and Geopolitical Forces

Societies and Guilds

Groups and Mercenary Companies

Institutions and Authorities

Geography and Geopolitical Interactions

Interactive Tactical Map

Quiz interactif (Français)

Par Pyrope et le Haut Chancelier, sur les règles d'AVATAR 2014:







Time-Out Knowledge

Official rules and time-out information about the gameplay

Aider et participer à l'organisation d'AVATAR (Français)

Different information about this Wiki project