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Early Dreams (from 2001 to 2004)

Early AVATAR do not have clear consequences on current storyline. These main stories are related to factions and wars between them. Hereunder find some facts:


At the beginning there were 5 factions The Imperiocratic Republic of the Rose, The Thistle, The White Lotus, The Brambles and The Lily (Le Lys).

The Nightmare Master appeared and unleashed one of his major Nightmares, calling for a great battle in the name of his master. Factions gathered and fought for the very first time. During that dream, some legends tell about the best siege battle ever that started just with a "Le château, le château!". It opposed the Thistle, mercenaries and barbarians, with the bad-ever canon, and the Lily, noble mans and knights, in their castle.


The Black Lotus formed and annihilated the pacifist White Lotus. The Black Lotus is ruled by matriarchs, with Scor as their war lord.

The Thistle started a war against the Lily as they saw the Lily's castle as challenge worth dying for.

The Free Dreamers groups all Dreamers not belonging to an existing faction.


The White Lotus tried to claim the Lotus faction back, but the Black Lotus destroyed them. Aziël de Serafath is mounting the ranks as a war lord starting a unprecedented rise.

After pacting with the Nightmare Master, the Faction of the Thistle became the Hounds (La Meute). At the beginning, the Hounds remained loyal to its former allies, opposing the Black Lotus. However, this was not meant to remain...

The Firethorns (La Pyracantha) joined The Dream, bringing with them future bravers - General Caelis and Ozmo Drakwulf. Their overwhelming castle was of course the new attraction for the Hounds, known to enjoy such challenges!


The Firethorns became The Flaming Eagles and The Lily vanished having its members joining the population of The Imperiocratic Republic of the Rose.

The Hounds (La Meute) breaks all existing alliances and officially bond with the The Black Lotus.

The manorial and sumptuous Teïl'Oira elves faction appeared and was hunted down by The Black Lotus. For what the elfes came into the Dream world was destroyed and they retreated to their home plane without ever coming back in such a glory.


Main Events

Five of the imprisoned Entities are trying to manifested themselves in The Dream in order to gain power of the Dream world. All five try to contact Avatars, seducing, but encounter suspiciousness because they are not able to obfuscate their dangerous intentions.

Finally they are able to find devotees in the Dream. They are using their devotee's sleep as weapon - the only one they are able to use out of their prison. Many of the devotees seem to be affected by a plague up to the loss of the ability to talk.

The Avatars discover that not only the Dream Master, actually the Entity of Law, and the Nightmare Master, the Entity of Chaos, exist. Instead of two, there are more forces in the Dream and the knowledge about the concept of Entities is slowly lightening up in many Avatars.

The Pythia intervenes as well by contacting selected Avatars. It calls this group the Watchers and orders them to work at all costs against the looming incarnation of the Entities.

In the course of the Dream, some devotees begin to understand what dangerous development was occurring and start to work against the ploys of the Entities. They paid with more suffering and plague, as they have accepted submission before. As consequence of the opposition by a growing number of Avatars, more Nightmares appear in the dream.

With the end of the Dream approaching, waves of Nightmares haunt the Dreamers and some Avatars decide to build a magical protection sphere around the devotees that decided to resist. Tantale, Grand Priest of The Grand Tableau was able to perform the ritual, but some of the devotees where drawn out of the shielding circle into giving themselves up to become Nightmares. One, Corholio, devotee of the Entity of Madness, The Fool, went by his free choice.

Finally, The Fool - the Entity of Madness, is only partially liberated by a ritual and he is not able to incarnate with all its powers. The Entity of the Goat, half of the Entity of Balance, is completely rescued by his devotees, the Clan of the Fulminant Goat (Clan du Bouc Fulminant) part of the Black Lotus. The Entity of Magic, Ligea, remains captive in her guardian-crystal. The Entity of Violence, Typhon, is able to manifest in the Dream, but merely having the power of an ordinary Avatars due to the brittle ritual performed by his followers.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The alliance of the Hounds and the Black Lotus rules militarily over all the other factions.

Although changed compared to the previous dream, the Teïl'Oira appeared again. Five elven lords from the Teïl'Oira and their followers rejoined the Dream with the Arkhantes, the predecessors of the Purple Phalanx, who for the first time bring heavy siege weapons into the Dream world. They started what is now known by the old dreamers as "The Great Quest of The Elven Fruits". Ten powerful magical seeds from the two elven trees of life were unfortunately dispersed in the dream and had to be found and reunited.


Main Events

The Fool, the Entity of Madness, succeeds to incarnate into his most devoted follower, Cornholio. Using this Avatar, he is able to obtain a Qualia and free himself from his prison. He creates a World-Of-Below, inhabited by the corrupted and ridiculous twins - Mirrors - of the Avatars living in the Dream. These twins are able to mount to the surface and take-over the original. The replaced Avatars do not remember what happened to them during their "possession". Using the possessed Avatars, the Fool seeds malevolence and distrust in factions.

However, the Entity of Madness has a weakness - The Mouth of the Mendicants (La Bouche des Gueux) - from where information about the Fool, his World-Of-Below and about possible weak spots are dripping into the Dream by visions given to Avatars. Unfortunately, the Avatars are not understanding the information.

Yet, another being, Mr. P, knows about the Fool's weaknesses, but despite of all efforts, the Watchers are not able to contact this person. Moreover, the Fool loses his Scepter, which weakens him and which could possibly be used against him. The Scepter has been last seen in the hand of Avatars.

While Avatars are engaged in handling the Fool, the Entity of the Goat, totally free since the last Dream, is infiltrating the Guilds in order to prepare his coup d'état. All Guilds report strange things happening in their premises.

Typhon, the Entity of Violence, gains power and uses a weapon reinforced with Qualia. Using such an artifact creates disruptions in the dream tissue and the Pythia secretly calls on the the Black Lotus to perform the required ritual in order to send Typhon back to his prison.

The Dream Master appears to the Dreamers, wearing a special sword. The sword was lost over the time and rumors say that it still exist somewhere in The Dream.

Mystical crystal shards are falling from the sky and are found, studied and hidden by different factions.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The Purple Phalanx is officially created and imposes itself as not to be taken lightly in battle. The faction existed already through an important group in the Teïl'Oira faction and the Arkhantes since two years. What is left of the Teïl'Oira, led by Atanaël, joins the Rose.

The Barbarian Alliance appears as a result of a secession within the ranks of the Hounds.

The Iron Fist, previously the elite troop of the disbanded Lily, is embattled in the Dream.

The supremacy of the Hounds and the Black Lotus is broken. They were defeated during an impressive tactical battle where even the Barbarian Alliance joined the forces with the resisting alliance. The siege weapons spoken and there were no resistance possible.


Some Avatars heard that the Black Lotus resurrected Aziël de Serafath with the help of Typhon during the Dream. If this really occurred is not known.

2007 - For one Hand more of Qualia

(Pour une poignée de qualias de plus - L'Avènement des Entités)

Main Events

Two Entities have been liberated during the last dream and fighting to gain domination over The Dream world, but more is coming...

Right after the Avatars arrived in the City of the Dream, the Entity of Madness emerges from The Mouth of the Mendicants (La Bouche des Gueux) with an army of Mirrors to assault the city. Only the intervention of the Dream Master and the Nightmare Master together saves the situation and they send the Fool back to the City-Of-Bellow. After a short banishment, he reappears announcing a huge bounty on the heads of the Watchers.

Noticing that his "direct" approach is countered by the dwellers of the Dream, he tries to persuade the Avatars that they are just slaves of the Dream Master, the Nightmare Master and the Pythia.

The Pythia appears for the first time to every Avatar and positions itself as the Dream Keeper. It warns the Avatars about the Fool's lies.

The Entity of the Goat (Le Bouc) takes a more perfidious approach. Knowing that his real enemy is indeed the Pythia, he tries to scatter disinformation in the Dream. He appears in different shapes in divers factions, except in the Barbarian Alliance where he arrives in his real form to impose his tynnary. He also launches the Watchers on a false lead, constructing a long quest track with false indices.

Another Entity appears in the Dream. Akhémet, guardian of the Limbus, manifests himself and gains with charismatic negotiations the support of factions and of the council of the City of the Dream. Able to obtain multiple Qualias, he requests towards the Pythia to make him a god in the world of the Dream. The appearance of Akhémet yields moreover the choice for the Avatars to become an Echo after dead, instead of a Nightmare. This brings him even more sympathy gain.

The Pythia decides that it is time to bring back the Entity of Balance into the Dream. For this, it first needs to find the the Entity of the Ram (Le Bélier) as the Entity of Balance has been split into two parts, the Goat (Le Bouc) and the Ram (Le Bélier), long time ago. He sends out its Watchers to find Mr. P which helps - once localized - to bring back the Ram.

Being an Entity of light and order, the Ram is well received by the Avatars despite of the fact that the appearance of the Entities in the Dream is not seen with a good eye. However, secretly, he seeks revenge against his old jailer (geôlier): the Nightmare Master. By mischance, the Nightmare Master is informed by the Fool about the thread and is working to counter the incoming attack.

The situation becoming more and more uncontrollable, the Pythia is struggling to keep the Dream in balance. Since it cannot force factions to obey, it uses the Watchers to influence and gain information.

Another small group of selected Avatars is gathered: The Witnesses. Judging on their actions, the group appears to be the counter part of the Watchers.

The end of the Dream approaching, the Pythia proposes to all Avatars to imprison one Entity using the dream energy engendered during the Final Battle. The Avatars unanimously choose the Entity of Madness. In rage about this attempt to stop him, he creates a growing disruption in the Dream that fusions the world of the Dream with the World-Of-Below.

The Avatars still have the Fool's Scepter and accomplish the tedious task to reunite the Pythia, the scepter, all factions, the Watchers and one champion from each faction for a huge ritual to counter the Fool. However, the ritual is not able to be performed as planned due to the resistance of Aziël de Serafath, tyrant of the Black Lotus. The City of the Dream is saved, but only temporarily.

The Final Battle approaching and the Avatars fighting, the Fool, in rage, collapses the City of the Dream with a huge explosion into The Mouth of the Mendicants.

Despite of the threat, the Final Battle takes place and the Pythia uses its energy to imprison the Fool once for good.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

None yet reported.


The Mendicants (Les Gueux), a small group of Avatars, seem to have accepted an alliance with the Fool.

It was NOT the Pythia that shivered the Entity of Balance into two parts!

When the Goat and the Ram are reunited at the same place, they blackout.

The Pythia initially released the Entities into the Dream to entertain itself. Seeing the mess this created, it is now trying to undo it's doing.

Other Events

A member of the Rose faction lost a game of La Pogne with the bet to wake-up a Guild Master of the Imperial Weapons Guild. By his honour, the loser tried during the night and failed with the result that the guild placed a bounty on the heads of all members of the Rose. Later on, it has been agreed to "clarify" the situation on the battlefield having a 50 to 250 disequilibrium against the Rose. After the battle, the Dream Master forbid the game at the Rose since the chaos produced served his adversary, the Nightmare Master, more than it brought fun.

2008 - Broken dreams

Official Flyer AVATAR 2008

(Rêves brisés)

Main Events

The Dream happens in a Pyracanthia realm city of the Flaming Eagles, named Koningsmark. This is the first time that the gathering of the Dream is happening in a city of Dreamers after the City of Dreams, owned by the Dream Master, has been destroyed by the Fool.

The explosion of the Entity of Madness inoculates a mystical disease, known as Manticore, to many Avatars. All these inoculated Avatars, and only them, can now see the Table of Destiny on which the Entities rule the orientation of the Dream. The disease is finally cured and all Avatars became able to perceive the Table of Destiny.

As another effect of the collapse of the City of Dreams by the Fool is the liberation of all Entities. All ten, free again, start their game of seduction to gain power over the Dream's direction, which can be influenced by using Qualias on the Table of Destiny. Moreover they discretely prepare the selection of their heirs.

The Balance's two parts, the Entity of the Ram (Le Bélier) and the Entity of the Goat (le Bouc), are merged by the Watchers in a Ritual and the Entity of Balance is one again.

The energy of the Final Battle creates the Entity of the Dreamer whose name is Mendwin.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The Hounds (La Meute) shatters due to internal animosities. The Fallen Archangels became the Black Wing, creating, together with groups from the Free Dreamers, a new faction: The Chapter. The Chapter is group of religious Avatars taking their credo very seriously. What remains from the Hounds became the faction of the Taunow.

Another tree Factions appears in the Dream: The Ivy - a caravan of merchants and artists, accompanied by scientists of the Cercléquerre - the Damned - in their search for the damned meteor that they believed to find in the Dream - and the Naum Farka, a gathering of fairy creatures, little folks and other beasts.

The new faction of the Kingdom makes its entrance by hosting the city. The Kingdom is a huge shiver group originated from the Flaming Eagles and now loyal to King Ozmo Drakwulf. General Caelis is new ruler of the Flaming Eagles.

Le Khan, ruler of the Barbarian Alliance faction, is dethroned. Farang, smart and diplomatic leader of the Black Goat, is replaced by Alghar, a brutish and restless member of the Wild Boars. This heavily affects diplomatic relations with the other factions, to the benefit of the Black Lotus.

The Querulants (Les Querelleurs) appear in the dream, not yet as major guild, but as ordinary yet persuading mercenary company.

Other Events

A small group of the Free Dreamers bestows in a sacrifice one of their sterile daughters to Sahachi, lieutenant of the Nightmare Master, so he could make her fertile. Details and outcome of this dark event are unknown.

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2009 - Place your bets...

Official Flyer AVATAR 2009

(Faites vos jeux...)

Main Events

The Dream happens in the City of the Taunow named Scantebourg.

The Dream is enforcing the natural balance and Gambit, The Entity of Reality, appears as the opposite of the The Entity of the Dreamer engendered during the previous Dream.

Nine vortexes appear and the Avatars suspects that these are holes from the Reality caused by the concept of Reality appearing on the Table of Destiny. Another presumption, linked or not to the latter, is that the Mage-Dragon wants to hide his egg inside the Dream world to escape danger in the home world. The Dragon's Egg is found by Avatars and secretly kept.

It becomes apparent that the Cycle is coming to an end and consequently a new one will start. This is unique as the Cycle should have been ended much later, but something happened and forced the Pythia to prematurely end this Cycle. Since they will disappear when the Cycle ends, the Entities are starting, under the watchful eyes of the Pythia, to seek for worthy heirs. Each Entity chooses three candidates and puts them in contest to each other according to their concepts.

The Pythia reunites its ancient counsel of Avatars, The Watchers (Les Veilleurs), adding new devotees to complete their ranks. Their official task is to support the Pythia in supervising the Entitie's search for heirs. Quickly it becomes apparent that there is more to it. Some of the candidates to the Entity's succession disappear mysteriously and rumours said that the real reason for this group to exist was to influence the selection procedure according to the interest of the Pythia.

In the background, another small group of Avatars is reunited and re-staffed as well by its master: The Witnesses. Their agenda however remains hidden.

The Sunken City

A powerful Ritual allows some Avatars to visit the Sunken City. This is the first time that Avatars are able to see the old City of Dreams previously destroyed by the Entity of Madness, the Fool. Many Avatars perish during the visit and the ones that return are hit by madness and despair. Some said in madness that the Fool is still there!

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The Islanders (Les Insulaires), a faction of sailors and pirates, anchors for the first time in the Dream world.

The Black Lotus strongly gains on influence and builds an impressive military and diplomatic alliance with the Damned and the Taunow, re-joined later by the Islanders – "The Axis" is born, as is "The Empire of the Black Lotus".

The Dream concludes with the disruption of the Purple Phalanx, at this time under the command of Saïlon Durotann. Lucian is banished because he mysteriously returned after being awoken and his loyalty was not guaranteed anymore. Rumors also speak about strategical disagreements between him and others lieutenants Cavindel and Patchouli. This fracture is a huge blow for the forces of Order.

Other Events

The Braquemart, a small group of craftsman and mercenaries that has become nomad after the shattering of the Hounds (La Meute) and the vanishing of their leader Richard de Lustin, has chosen to open a tavern on the lands of the Naeum Farka. The Poisoned Apple (La Pomme Empoisonnée), so the establishments name, is managed by Edgard Von Trappist. In the back room of the Poisoned Apple, henceforth under the wings of the Innkeepers Guild, flourished quickly and discreetly a profitable business of weapons and magical objects. With help and influence of the Innkeepers, this activity rapidly gave birth to a new major guild, the Epicurean Guild (Guilde des Epicuriens), building its mission around the manufacturing and secretive trade of military equipment and other highly sensible commodities.

2010 - We only dream once - Choosing is giving up

Official Flyer AVATAR 2010 presenting the 10 Entities around the Mage-Dragon's Egg

(On ne rêve qu'une fois - Choisir, c'est renoncer)

Main Events

The Dream happens in a city of the Black Lotus, Karak Morr, where emperor Aziël de Serafath rules with a strong hand.

The Table of Destiny was found shattered, after leaving it intact end of the previous Dream, letting the Dream destiny without rudder. The Pythia asks all Avatars to find all kinds of mystical artefacts of the Dream with the intention to reconstruct a new table. Finally, the table is never repaired and the knowledge about remain of the collected artefacts vanished with the Pythia in the next Dream.

The old Entities are continuing to search for their heirs, that will become new Entities after their departure. The selection process is on-going under supervision of the Pythia, who is the actor of the renewal of the Cycle, while the Watchers and the Witnesses working on their agenda respectively.

Finally, new Entities are selected and replace the old ones. For this, the honoured Avatar has to be awoken and transformed by the Pythia before his dream energy volatises. As the transformation process advances, more and more of the new Entities appear in the Dream world.

The Dragon's Egg is breed by a group of Dreamers. Rumours said that forces are seeking to destroy the egg. As consequence, the location of the egg changed regularly.

Mendwin, The Dreamer, loses much of his powers as the Gambit disappears. Reality has now vanished from the Dream.

The Final Battle, named by some "The Battle of Balance", was a fight to the last man standing, in order to determine the ten last dreamers who will be chosen to write down the Chronicles Of The Dream. By this, they would become responsible to carve the rules of the new Cycle into stone. At the end of the battle, the Pythia intervenes and asks new Entity of Balance, Atanaël de Cyrdée to name who will be part of the group of Chroniclers.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The disbanding of the Purple Phalanx gives birth to two new factions: The Marches of the Ashes, a military faction, and The Sanctuary.

Having lost its most valuable ally, the Ivy, pacifist and very successful merchants, finds itself between the Kingdom on one side and the Black Lotus and the Barbarian Alliance on the other, all looking with envious eyes on the Ivy's richness. With a heavy heart, the Ivy accepts the protectorate of the Black Lotus. Reduced to mere subordinates, the diplomatic relations with other factions are suffering.

The Empire of the Black Lotus and its allies have to face the rise of a Federation on the battle field, formed by forces of the Ivy (and it's creatures), the Marches of the Ashes, The Kingdom, the Chapter, the Naeum Farka and most importantly the Neo Imperium.

Other Events

The Cerclequerre, not yet a major guild, finds itself in conflict with the Arcanic Guild due to their advanced research on techno-magic – the use of magical energy by technical machinery. The Arcanic Guild, very powerful at this time, threats to close the circle and wake-up all involved actors. Teeth grinding, the Cerclequerre accepts to ban techno-magic experiences and surrender all created techno-magical artefacts. It becomes a guild of pure technologists.

La Maison du Vice opens its doors for the first time and it quickly became the most luxury establishment for all forms of delights and joyousness.

The creatures of the Naum Farka don't show interest in the activities of the Epicurean Guild and as consequence they decide to abandon their tavern becoming ship wreckers in order to grift a maritime vessel. Sailing around, they finally run aground on a territory of the Islanders, which whom very good commercial and military contacts are quickly established. Learning from the Islanders, the Epicureans obtained (finally) the knowhow of nautical navigation and eventually discover the secret of ship construction. With this new lore, they decide to colonise their own grounds at the edge of the ocean and start to develop strong maritime commercial activities.


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2011 - The Hope - Far away, the crows

(L'Espoir - Au loin, les corbeaux)

Official Flyer AVATAR 2011

Main Events

Strangely, all Dreamers awake at the same place, gathered around the Dragon's Egg. Soon the Mage-Dragon's Egg hatches and being half man and half Mage-Dragon rises. The Pythia, visibly surprised, is instantly killed by the Dragon (as he names himself). At the moment the Pythia falls, two other Avatars where hit by a coma as well, but are healed right afterwards. The Mage-Dragon proclaims to be the new Dream Keeper and asks for the Chronicles of the Dream.

The Chroniclers start writing the Chronicles of the Dream. De facto, the old Cycle is finished and the Dream entered in a phase of Inter-Cyle as long as the rules of the new Cycle, the Chronicles of the Dream, have not been concluded.

During the Dream, the Chroniclers initiate two very powerful rituals.

The first intended to break the Law of paired Concepts (see Entities). Since the beginning of known ages, Concepts, represented by their respective Entity, were linked in pairs (Violence and Peace, Chaos and Law, etc.). One Entity disappears or dies, her counter-Entity disappears or dies as well. This universal rule has been broken and the Entities have become independent. The officially reason was to make the competition between Entities more "interesting", but there might be a hidden agenda. In any case, the consequences of this ritual are beyond imagination.

The second ritual intended to modify the natural law that is instated at the beginning of every Cycle: two Thrones to rule the Dream. In the past these were commonly known as The Dream Master and The Nightmare Master. This ritual instated a third Throne!

Entities and the Game of Thrones

The ten newly born Entities are awaiting the arrival of the Avatars, each carrying her respective Concept - Violence and Peace, Madness and Wisdom, Void and Balance, Chaos and Law, Magic and Technology.

As first action, they form the Council of Entities. However, due to the variousness of the represented concepts, the council shows itself very inefficient and bureaucratic.

The powers of the Entities within the Dream are naturally superior to the ones of Avatars, but young in age, they are not yet deeply ingrained into the tissue of The Dream. Their possibilities to exert influence on the Dream is currently rather limited. Each concept naturally driving toward domination, especially but not only of its anti-concept, the Entities are acting towards incrementing their Density.

Another issue is of concern. The Mage-Dragon announced that only two Entities would be elected to endure, taking the throne of the Dream and the Nightmare. However, currently in the Inter-Cycle, having the Mage-Dragon carrying out its plans, having the Chroniclers delineating the new Cycle and having agendas of other hidden forces meddling, the structure of the new Cycle is not yet defined.

Not sure how many Entities would be accepted by the Dream when the new Cycle ushers, they are working to increase their Density, ingraining their concept more tightly into the Dream and creating a natural concurrency.

At the end of the Dream, the Entity of Violence, Cendre, established herself as the densest of the counsel.

The Neo Imperium

Medusia, the daughter of the previous Dream Master, who disappeared when the last Cycle finished, proclaims herself Emperor of the Neo Imperium. The announcement is received with much suspiciousness, by Avatars and Entities likewise. However, they exhibits a tremendous lore about The Dream.

The Sunken City

A technological artifact, called the Corentine, is repaired and allows Avatars to travel to the Sunken City. Many people dare the danger hoping to find the hidden treasure of the Sunken City and many of them perish. One of them is the young Entity of the Madness, which is awoken and definitively dead.

A strong, mysterious and conscious force is discovered in the Sunken City, later identified as a residue of the old Entity of Madness, the Fool – the very one that destroyed the Dream City many dreams in the past (2007). Signs are there that he gained power by absorbing the concept of the young Entity of Madness when he killed him.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

A new force arises in the Empire of the Black Lotus. A group of female warriors and chamans named the Sisterhood roughs up the male crowd.

At great loss, the Ivy is able to release itself from the burden of The Empire of The Black Lotus on the strength of an alliance with the Marches of the Ashes.

The Final Battle

A prediction, carried out in the Council of Entities, revealed that the Final Battle would see the opposition of the Chaos forces to those of the Order. On the battlefield two camps clashed. The Avatars had the choice to line up behind the Entity of Void, Violence and Chaos or behind the Entity of Balance, Peace and Law.

The main stake of the combat was for the ones to protect a ritual carried out by the emperor Aziël de Serafath and for the others to prevent it. For the ritual to succeed, it was necessary that at least one member of Chaos forces holds the Grand-Tableau banner during fifteen minutes. It was the emperor Aziël which took care of this. To interrupt the ritual, an opponent had to put his hands on this banner during two minutes.

The military victory of the forces of Chaos was impressive, but dissensions burst their rows. Finally, to everybody's surprise, the ritual failed despite of the forces deployed to protect it. Later was revealed that the dissensions and the interruption was achieved by a genius strategically action made by Atanaël de Cyrdée the Entity of Balance and some of his followers.

At the beginning of this Final Battle, the Entity of Wisdom kneeled in front of the Entity of Violence waiting to be sacrified. The reason for this action is unknown.

Other Events

The Cercléquerre becomes a Major Guild and carries out a technological and scientific ritual involving technologists, mages, the Entity of Technology and the Entity of Void. The aim is to experiment the extension of artifact creation by performing tests on guinea pig Avatars. During the experimentation, the Entity of Void provides a Dream Yarn of each entity creature allowing the discovery of a new type of artifact, de facto modifying the rules of the Dream: artifacts allowing to heal.

A new guild Toubib or not Toubib is introduced.

The Epicurean Guild, until now the sole tenant of the knowledge of ship construction, decides to share their lore and soon Carpenter Grand Master Seth Damage Von Van Der starts teaching this new Competency to Dreamers of all horizons, allowing them to construct new ships in the new, unique and still experimental shipyard. Alchemist Edgard Von Trappist finishes the development of a new procedure to process wood, making it resistant to wind, water and salt. This eventually allows supplying future shipyards with construction resources.

In a very special Ritual, the sailors of the Braquemart are able, with help of the Islanders, to bring the very first ship into life, associating it to the end with the life of its captain Geralt de Bordeciel. They immediately set sail and finally install themselves in the center of the newly arising commercial ocean routes.

2012 - To the Dreamers - The Run Still Goes On

Official Flyer AVATAR 2012

(Rêveurs, Rêveuses - La Course continue)

Main Events

Dreamers awake near the Neo Imperium metropolis. The Mage-Dragon appears to the Entities and explains that the Dream is "frozen" until the Chronicles of the Dream are not concluded. No new massive effects could happen on the Dream, for instance using the Final Battle's energy to create some special events or effects. He urges the Chroniclers to finish the Chronicles quickly, harshly criticizes their current work and accuses them to have been influenced by the Entities, especially mentioning the two major rituals initiated by the Chroniclers during the previous dream. As a result some Chroniclers resign and are replaced by new ones.

The identity of a Saviour and a Destroyer is revealed to the Avatars. They both can own special powers that may save or destroy The Dream.

A strange, new Fool's Entity appears and intervenes with the Destroyer/Saviour quest for gathering their special powers, contained until then in some objects or specific dwellers of the dream. At the end, the Saviour and the Destroyer shares a near-half of the power they are seeking.

The new Fool's Entity, named Mr. Kerr, appears to be a shadow of Fool from Below, from the Sunken City, which gained power by the dead of young Entity of Madness and possibly all the excursions made by Avatars to the Sunken City.

Around the end time of the Dream, Mr. Kerr is forced by the Destroyer to restore the powers he previously and secretly stolen from the Saviour. The Destroyer and the Saviour seemed to receive both half of them. This scene happened in the Arena and ended near the camp of the Black Lotus.

The Entity's Anvil

The Entities propose to repair The Entity's Anvil (La Forge des Entités), which would allow the creation of powerful artifacts for Entities and Avatars. To achieve this, each Entity has to consecrate a Master Blacksmith and use the reunited power to repair the anvil. Due to the dispute between different concepts and due to external events, the consecration has not been completed.

Entities and the Game of Thrones

The nine remaining Entities have gained much power during the previous Dream and exhibit new powers specific to their concepts. Some of the powers are given to their followers. Yet the struggle for Density continues and some Entities name Champions that fight for their cause or consecrate important places to their concept. These actions have huge impacts on the Dream.

On other fronts, the Council of Entities remain incapable of action. While Mr. Kerr walks the dream and interferes with the natural re-establishment of balance, the Entities do not take driving actions. The same is true concerning the Entity's Anvil.

The Sunken City

The Corentine remains operational. However due to "technical difficulties", the passage to the Sunken City can only be opened during a limited time.

The first group is gathered by Lucian and is a joint venture between influential faction leaders, their best warriors and multiple Entities. Nobody knows what the purpose of their journey is. This group encounters very strong magical creatures and many of the travelers are awoken! The part of the group that is able to return is hit by delusional madness and despair. Chaos reigns at their arrival. Some tells that it was a trap laid down by Lucian in order to kill some of the Entities.

Despite of the clear warnings from the first group, other groups venture themselves in the Sunken City and strangely, the resistance is less strong. Some suspects the presence of Entities in the first group as reason for the opposition they encountered.

The last group makes a strange observation. They reports having crossed another group of Avatars that did not traveled using the Corentine. Moreover, long before the time limit of no return, the Avatars that used the machine for the travel are violently rejected from the Sunken City, ending up in coma at arrival. The Entity of Technology explains that this was the result for a security failsafe of the Corentine that detected an unusual situation in the Limens of Dream Energy and acted to bring back the travelers in a violent emergency transport.

The Neo Imperium

The Neo Imperium gets more accepted by both the Avatars and the Entities as they provide valuable services and resources to the Dream. Yet not all is sky blue! A group of resistance fighters starts launching terror attacks on imperial premises. Victims are Avatars and inhabitants of the Neo Imperium likewise.

The Neo Imperium also opens its libraries and research offices, providing historical knowledge to the Avatars. Experts in different fields like Qualia research, Limens of Dream Energy theories and other domains are available to receive Avatars that are eager to learn.

The Avatars learn that the citizens of the Neo Imperium are not "ordinary" dreamers.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

(Looking for information)

The Admiralty and Maritime Events

In order to ensure commercial and maritime independence, the Epicurean Guild installs itself on their twin coast territories. Their northern free-harbour Lotecarmon is governed by the Braquemart's war chief Geralt de Bordeciel, which negotiates an alliance with the Black Lotus. In the south lies the free-port Conamo having strong commercial and strategic bounds with the Kingdom, by virtue of the origins "Conquistadores" of governor signore Della Chicha.

The ships constructed during the previous Dream are starting to conquer the open waters and the production of maritime vessels in the newly created shipyards is running at full speed. Up to 30 ships have been sighted on the ocean and inevitably the first maritime conflicts are reported. The joint fleet of the Kingdom and the Islanders is manifesting itself on the strategically best positions.

To simplify navigation and to overview the activities observed on the oceans, the Epicurean Guild establishes itself as steward of the maritime affairs, giving birth to the neutral guild of the Admiralty. Some members of the old guild still fight under the flag of a new group named the Epicureans.

The magisters of the Admiralty are recruited within the more experiences mariners in all groups and factions. Alchemist Grand Master Edgard Von Trappist, inventor of the most important techniques required to build ships becomes Grand Magister of the guild. At the end of the Dream, the first admirals and magisters of the guild are appointed: Amiral Nicodemus, Taunow, Amiral Semios de Kharma, the Islanders, Amiral Javier Alxar, the Kingdom, Amiral Nefer, the Ivy, and Amiral Vergelongue, the Epicuriens. More candidates are nominated, coming from the Neo Imperium, the Black Lotus and the Naum Farka. As soon as their respective fleets are equipped and an official demand has been received, their appointment will be examined.

On the nautical chart, only two ports are currently known allowing to set sail or to find refuge: the harbour located on Q3, under strict control of the Neo-Impierium and the free-port located on U19, governed by the Admiralty. The latter is open to receive ships from all oceans as long as their respect the maritime codex.

In its first year of existence, the Admiralty has become the central steward for all manners concerning ship construction, recruitment of ship's complements, commerce around nautical commodities, movement of ship and fleets on the oceans and maritime conflicts.

A major incident was reported involving ships on a quest for the wreck of a commercial boat holding within its rich cargo the Eye of Ardra, a powerful magical artifact. The event implicated two ships of the Neo Imperium that have been sunk by the vessels of captain Ogme, the mortgagee of the Epicurian group who was sailing with Captain Wassago known for being close to the Wonda Fondation. By virtue of this event, the Empress declares to two captains outlaw of the Neo Imperiumand accomplishes to sink their vessels in a subsequent confrontation. While actively searched, captain Ogme mysteriously vanishes with his vessel taking with him the secret of the Eye of Ardra. This incident marks the appearance of the first ship graveyard on the nautical maps, named The Mark of the Hunchback.

The Final Battle

The Mage-Dragon's decision avoids a huge impact of the Final Battle on the Dream. So, the winner of the Final Battle was offered a violent wish by the Entity of Violence. Last man standing next to Cendre on the battlefield was the Khan from the Barbarian Alliance.

Other Events

A Ritual allowing every Avatar to use Qualias has been performed by the Ritual's Guild, which lead to an extreme explosion of dream energy destroying the guild's building and putting every Avatar within 300 meters into Coma. Later, a second ritual is performed with more Entities helping, avoiding a new explosion. The ritual has, however, not with the expected result.

The Entity of Violence held games to his glory during which brave gladiators fought, often to the death or the awakening depending on public appreciation. Some survivors received prizes for their fights.


It has been heard that the Fool from Below has gained much power by the absorption of the Entity of Madness (previous dream), that Mr. Kerr is a representation of him gaining influence in the Dream and that the Sunken City might even have a chance to rise, bringing chaos and despair. But again, this has just been heard somewhere...

It has been heard that one of Mr. Kerr's minions, a little, blue gnome, was running around and secretly deploying Coma-Bombs within the Dream. But again, this has just been heard somewhere...

It has been heard that people saw Jo, the little puppet on the finger of Mr. Ker, on the finger of Cendre, but again, it is just a rumour...

2013 - Let's danse - To the sound of crows...

(Dansons maintenant - Au son des corbeaux...)

Official Flyer AVATAR 2013

Main Events

The dream opens to an angry Mage-Dragon asking again the Chroniclers to finalize their job. Situation is still the same as last time. As he already requested it several times, he's now not anymore kind to give some relief and awake one of them (Dakota) as a final warning. He also explains that the entity game of thrones will end, especially since he brought some new destruction artifact to the Dream. He throws one of them, some crystal egg among the crowd which starts to battle in order to get it. Artifact is rumored to be take by the Black Lotus. Last but not least, he tells Mendwin, the ex-entity of the Dreamers that he, the Mage-Dragon, will free him with a part of him inside Mendwin. mendwin falls then, stroke by the Mage-Dragon.

More important is the appearance of the Destroyer (Loon) in the center of the city on the second night, flanked by two unknown humanoids,. He summons the Savior (Chlore) and steals her power, stabbing her chest with a strange dagger. He explains that as he has now gathered all the powers of the Treachery he will destroy the entire Dream. Even if it is his duty since he's the Destroyer, he still feels friendship with Chlore. So he tells her that he will be ready in 24h00, allowing her to save herself and the Dream world. Loon is clearly tormented by an internal struggle between his humanity part and the role he accepted to fulfill. He then removes his Dream thread and the whole city center explodes, putting down everybody near the arena. More than 50 people are dying.

As the Savior has no plan to counter the Destroyer, everybody tries to find a way to help her, asking for example Mr. Kerr to steal again the powers of the Destroyer for the Savior (he did it last Dream in the opposite way).

Help finally comes from where it has little chance to happen. Lucian, the one with an uncertain reputation, proposes to her some plan to follow. It takes less than 24h to make it happen and plan still remains quite unclear. But at the end the plan is successful; the Savior has the same powers than the Destroyer himself, counterbalancing his tremendous powers of destruction, postponing the end of the Dream. Many people were involved into this plan, running all along, gathering part of powers, battling against Nightmares (rumors speaks about the Chaos entity working with the Destroyer during some time), etc. Even A huge army of 300 people was gathered near the Mausoleum to fight against modified Nightmares (more strong than Major Nightmares) and the last part of the power was taken on the huge battlefield, against the Barbarians.

During that time, the Destroyer hunts some Avatars in order to take something from them. It appeared that he succeeded and disappeared since then.

Dream ends with this statu quo. The Destroyer doesn't reappear and the Dreamworld is still there... for the moment.

The Entity's Anvil

The entities gather with the help of many dreamers a lot of magical items they used to forge some special weapon with unique power : a sword that could destroy almost anything within or external to the Dream itself. Last known bearer of this sword is Cendre.

Entities and the Game of Thrones

The crystal the Mage-Dragon sent into the battlefield is called an Elohim and is able to capture an entity. Others Elohims appear during the dream to a maximum of ten (one for each entity). Several groups battle in the background to secure one of those artifacts. None of them seemed to be used against an entity even if a rumor about the awakening of Charade, the Entity of Technology tells about involving an Elohim.

Next to this, Cendre, the Entity of Violence is seen as the future Master of Dream, followed by Charade the Technology and Nickel, the Chaos. Events changes that order as Chaos gets the second place. And without any warning Charade gives her place and density to Atanaël de Cyrdée, the Balance, propelling him to the third place for an unknown reason.

The Sunken City

Several groups go through the Sunken city. The Querulants uses a boat, swallowed by a Kraken, fighting against creatures and pilfering many treasures below. The Lotus, with Ezaël the Entity of Void, uses some magic to teleport within the city. During that descent, Ezaël is definitely destroyed possibly releasing his concept for a new Entity candidate. Rumors tells that Ezaël was defeated by the Fool after an epic battle. Two groups from the Chapter, the Ivy and Ahjô merge together and follow Lucian, Patchouli and Kiann the Entity of Peace in using the Corentine. From the 22 that go below, only 8 survive. Unfortunately Kiann is also destroyed, probably by the Fool. Some of the survivors talks about the treason of Lucian. But many of the awoken were close to him and he seems to be affected as well.

The Neo Imperium

The Dream is placed within the city of the noble Neremor family (one of the most important vassal of the Empress). The Duchess of Neremor sees her city filled during 4 days by those foreigners, called the Avatars by the inhabitants, bringing chaos, wonders and life.

Since the last venue of the Avatars, the inhabitants are more active and the world evolved a bit. This seems to be a minor change but in fact this is a huge modification in the mindset of the inhabitants. They starts to act by themselves when the Avatars are not there. They start to think in terms of them versus the others. Their neutrality seems to be thinner than before.

During the 4 days, it becomes more obvious that the Empress and the Neremor family are not totally aligned on politics. This concludes with a banquet where families are split into two tables and where an unseen political conflict seems to underlie the current relation between them. The fact that the Empress stays between two venue of the Avatars and that she starts to be active seems to concerns faction leaders who are starting to fear about their lands and the change that could happen between two dreams...

Rumor tells that some of the most important leader of the Dream is considering to give allegiance to the Empress, modifying the fragile stability of the known forces within the Dream.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

The Admiralty and Maritime Events

The Final Battle

There is no final battle as the last night hosted the largest storm and hurricane the Dream has never seen before. This is clearly the menace of the Destroyer and the counter effect of the Savior that created this storm. But this was so frightening and created so massive damage to the people and the structures that the leaders neglected any important battle to secure and bandage the wounds of their faction.

Other Events

The Mausoleum appeared some months before the Dream started and was created in memory of the Emperor, the last Master of Dream. This is some kind of church where priests guide the pilgrims on a Sapience Way in order to get communication with the Emperor spirit himself. Rumors tells about the Emperor giving his protection to the pilgrims.

The Mausoleum is guarder by two Paladins who have real and impressive powers. Some of the Avatars are willing to follow the path of the Dream and some are becoming Paladin apprentices.

This religion pretends that the Dream will provide all you need, you just need to ask. Also, everything that harms/threatens the Dream will be destroyed.

2014 - The End of Everything

(La Fin de Toutes Choses)

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Pre Events

Pre-events are activities done or events happening before the main event.

Ajhô day

During the Ajhô faction day, the Destroyer appeared and told the Avatars that his destruction was for their good. Wiping out this world to replace it by a new one. This raised a dispute with some of the guests, Li Shu Fu, Atanaël de Cyrdée and Lucian, who confronted Loen, the Destroyer, to some questions and facts that he had difficulties to answer and explain. At one point, Loen succeeded to break some chains of his invisible masters and warned the people about what he, as the Destroyer, was preparing. This created some confusion in everybody's mind.

Last but not least, two persons suffered from a strange evil and passed out. When they awoke, they were changed. Physically and mentally. Rumors tell that their body were used to allow awoken - definitely dead - avatars to come back into the Dream. No one knows really who they were and how they came back.

Lotus and Archons day

During a ritual of the Matriarchs, The Fool spoke in a loudly voice, heard by everyone, threatening Aziël de Serafath and his faction. The Fool revealed also that the sunken city had emerged in front of the lands of the Black Lotus and that his general will come to claim its army. Shortly after, Ezaël, the last entity of the Void came back from his permanent death, using the corpse of a former Black Lotus member naming himself the Void from Below.

Deacons were present and discussed quite a time with the Taunow.

A meeting of faction representatives was to take place as result of the initiative of Aziël de Serafath, but was delayed each time further and further as Aziël didn’t want to join. Representatives from the Ivy, the Kingdom and the Archons decided to hold the meeting nonetheless.

The Game Master and some pig-faced inhabitants of the Dream world also took part in the discussion.

Islanders and Rhino day

At some point of the day, many rulers of the factions or groups, Aziël de Serafath, Louis Cypher, The Chaplain of the Rhino, Marianna Borluut of the Iron Fist, Barro of Ajhô and others, proposed to the Avatars an open discussion about the future of the Dream world. During that discussion, it became obvious that there was not a common understanding, nor an agreed way to solve the current dangers between everybody participating to this gathering.

An Archon has been seen with Lucian. People remember that Archon leaving the earlier discussion following Marianna Borluut, with a smile on his face. He later claimed to Lucian that in his own way, Lucian was one of the first Archons.

The peaceful discussion was broken when Lucian came back in and was directly taken to task by Aziël de Serafath. Lucian's reaction was quite angry against Aziël de Serafath as he explained that he was not an agent of the "System of the Dream" - whatever this could have meant. During his speech, he also explained what were the real dangers and the three possibilities the Avatars could decide to follow in order to solve this mess. As some rulers were confident in being saved by their gods, Lucian exploded by shouting some heretic warnings, which made Marianna Borluut leaving the assembly, about something being above their Gods. As always, his words were perceived as a way to influence people for some hidden purpose.

At the end, nothing was decided and everybody started to doubt on everything.

Taunow day

As usual, these were days of songs, drinks and games. Even if we saw several discussions between the leaders and some known figures of the Dream, nothing special happened. The presence of the Savior, Chlore was confirmed and expected as the Taunow was involved in her run during last Dream.

Hot topics and current FAQ's

As many leaders and Avatars started to seem concerned by the future of the world. Many asked questions rose. Here are the main ones and current common answers to them :

What's happening ?

Some people inside and outside of the Dream are currently struggling for its control, destruction or freedom. Even if those three possibilities seem to be the major ones, rumors tell about a 4th one which is only known to a few.

What are the consequences of this struggle ?

Again, several assumptions exist. If the control side wins, then probably the Dream will revert to his prior state with something like the previous Pythia, but with a more important grasp between the Dream and the Avatars. This could be like loosing some freedom that the Avatars do currently have. If the Destruction wins, then it will be the end of everything. Some tells that something new could arise from it and others tell that even if it's true, we won't be part of it.

For the third solution, the meaning of "freedom" is not very clear, but agreed common pattern is that the link with the Reality and external threats should be broken forever and that the Avatars could be free to decide their future even if for many it is already the case. This is not clear if freedom means that the world could change due to the mass energy needed to break 'what cannot be broken' and if this freedom is not a way for others to get control over the Dream.

What can I do ?

So far, nothing is clear on what to do. Some tells that we need to destroy the Destroyer, or destroy the Savior to have his opposite - the Destroyer - also destroyed. Some are just preparing themselves in case of but with no idea of what to do. Others follow either the Savior or the Destroyer to assist them. Among all this uncertain situations, very few, if none, show some confidence in what to do.

Main Event

Main Events

Avatars open their eyes on a plain where a huge bomb is laying. In front of this, the Mage-Dragon looks to the three thrones and their respective entities : Cendre, Atanaël de Cyrdée and Nickel. Surprisingly he announces that the new master of the Dream is not Cendre but the Destroyer. The three betrayed entities tried to fight the Mage-Dragon but unfortunately didn't succeed as they each suffered a Dead. In the meantime, the Destroyer appears flanked by the man in black with a white mask. Some armies follow him. Same for Chlore, the Savior (also flanked by another identical black man and other armies). After killing the three entities, the Mage-Dragon is definitely destroyed by the Destroyer and the man in black next to him activates at the same time the bomb. Chlore, then, disappears with the entire Taunow army.

During the next days, several Avatars fight for helping Chlore or the Destroyer. Gambit also proposes another plan, to be added to the one of Chlore, which consists to free major agents of the so-called System to free the world from the inside. Situation ends with a real advantage to Chlore and 4/5 of Gambit's plan ready. Notable fact, during a ritual the dreamers present in the circle rejected the proposition of an emissary coming from the reality : the return of the Pythie in the person of Chlore.

Avatars then gather around the bomb before its explosion, Chlore is now at full power, more powerfull than the Destroyer, and officially promotes the three entities as the new Masters of the world. Cendre, Jin von Monte Cristo instead of Atanaël de Cyrdée (as he was his prime-champion) and the "Abyssal" ship instead of Nickel (as the ship was his Prime-Champion). The entire crew is now a part of Chaos and Master of Nightmare.

And so appears Loen, the Destroyer, asking Chlore to end his life as he failed and suffers from his status. "You know what to do Chlore, please help me, save your world". Chlore kills him with the special sword forged by entities and bursts into tears. A man in black appears next to the bomb and reveals his face. He explains that the bomb will explode as it cannot be stopped but with the effect of saving the world and cutting all the bridges with the Reality - making the Dream world a real world not threatened by the Reality anymore. The lands will be destroyed and the whole Avatar needs to start an exodus. The New World could be a valid destination. They have less than 24h, in any case.

Just before the bomb is activated, he calls for Lucian and the Fool, who are the only two among others, who earned the right to step out of the Dream by the Great Door as they worked, both, against all odds, for the freedom of the Dream in a way never understood by anyone. The man in black activates the bomb as Lucian and the Fool grasp it.

The next day is used to find a way to leave this place and go to the New World. The Taunow will leave with their flying inn, but many others do not have ships to go to the New World. This is why the Ivy proposes a solution to the others, but the price is to let Aziël de Serafath, the ruler of the Black Lotus behind, forever. An important majority accepts and as the ritual begins to transport everyone to the New World, Cendre starts a duel with Aziël and defeats him. He also uses all his power to destroy him definitely explaining that his existence is the price for saving everyone. Of course, right after, a huge battle begins as the Black Lotus is totally furious.

The ritual is then conducted by the Ivy and the Cercléquerre who need to use a tremendous source of power to open a gate with the Corentine. Added to the qualias they have, they also use an Elohim to capture the Technology Concept (represented by Charade) in order to provide enough power. This means that Charade will sacrifice herself in the process. The Ivy asked the Dream Master to protect the avatar of Charade and to only imprisone the Technology concept. The Game Master and the Dream Master combined there forces to save Charade's avatar.

Fortunately, the ritual succeeds and a portal opens to the New World. Charade seems to be a normal avatar and no more an entity.

The day ends with many dead people but everyone is transported to the New World.

The New world

Discovered by navigators, this area seemed to be populated by some crazy people. Later, they understood that it was some bad/weird experiments that lived over there, far from the former land. Unfinished and dysfunctional, inhabitants of the New World were either aggressive, either surprised by seeing for the first time ne people coming from the sea.

As rumor told that it was possible to find rare artifacts, many people started to explore this place. Among others, the Cercléquerre activated the Corentine, calibrated to the New World instead of the Sunken City.

Entities and the Game of Thrones

The three ruling entities were the Violence, the Chaos and the Balance (in that order for the thrones). The Master of dream is then Cendre, the entity of Violence. During this hectic period, Nickel the Nightmare Master and entity of Chaos, and Atanaël de Cyrdée, Game Master and entity of Balance, both replaced themselves by someone/something else on their thrones. For the Nightmare Throne it was the ship "Abyssal", and for Balance, it was Jin von Monte Cristo who became the first full Game Master ever.

In fact Atanaël and Nickel were searching a way out of the dream and were seduced by some possibility (see below). This is why they managed their replacement before they left.

The Sunken City

It appeared not far from the main camps, at it emerged from the sea. Some Fool's messengers gave entrance invitation to some people during the days. But during the night, the invited guests were either attacked (and many awaken) either entering a discussion with the Fool himself.

It appeared that Atanaël de Cyrdée, Cendre, the entity of Violence and Harorhyza, the entity of Magic wanted to discuss with the Fool to know if he was an ally to save the Dream. The Fool awoke Cendre (who came back a bit later during the night) and was furious as nobody was acting as he was expecting it (which was not giving any clue of his final orientation). Lucian joined the expedition a bit later, as Atanaël asked him to be there. As everybody started to retreat due to the attacks of the dwellers of the city, Lucian told something to the Fool and was granted a passage to the Fool-from-below (the last Fool entity of the previous Cycle). Atanaël came back, alone, into the danger of the Sunken city to get back Lucian as he thought the later was about to be destroyed. He met him halfway, peaceful. Lucian had his answer : the Fool was battling for the freedom of the Dream and was definitely an ally, as he was in fact "the First of us". Nobody knows what they really discussed but many think that deep secrets were shared on that specific moment.

The Neo Imperium

Neo Imperium crumbled apart as only ruins stayed on the former glorious empire. Empress vanished and some black man , named the Counselor, took over the reign of the Neo Imperium. It appeared the this Counselor was in fact an agent of the Destruction.

During the 3rd day, an event changed the Neo Imperium situation. Alexander the First was about to be crowned after his marriage . During the crown ceremony, the Destroyer attacked the guests as taking the crown was such a symbol that it could also fill the gap the Emperess' leave created. So, it became clear that this crown was not only the crown of the Kingdom but also the crown of the Neo Ipmperium itself. Alexander's army pushed back the Destroyer and his powerful nightmares and became king of both the Kingdom and the Neo Imperium.

Factions and Geopolitical Events

After the big storm of the last Dream, the weather changed totally and it was a real furnace. The temperature was so high that army were immobilized. At the end of the day there were some small fights, like the last tour of the Iron Fist (which was leaving the Dream) against the Querulants and the Company of the Rhino.

After the corronation of Alexander the First, the previous ruler of the Kingdom, Ozmo Drakwulf, disappeared mysteriously. No one knows why or where.

The Admiralty and Maritime Events

The Admiralty allowed many ships to sail to the New World and managed effectively all those travels. They had some issue since travelers to the New World discovered some transportation artifacts able to bring all the crew instantaneously to their camp (just a one way travel). Since some activated those artifacts, many ships were left behind on the New World without any crew to bring them back.

Other Events

An hidden passage was opening in the Dream where Avatars were able to meet someone very strange presenting himself as Charron (althought some say his real name was Dr. Lacroix). He was proposing some Reality experience for those who wanted to see for themselves. After this trip people were changed, they were discussing about being the remedy of their Dreamer, who was mentally sick, and tried to convince others to step out of the Dream with the help of Dr. Lacroix. The temptation was so big that even Nickel and Atanaël de Cyrdée joined the group of travelers.

Just before the bomb exploded, several Avatars left the Dream through this way, Nickel, Atanaël, many people from the Big Table and 4 Royal Jaegers took this risk. Nobody did see them after that. Some were explaining that is was a trap the Reality placed for the Avatars in order to serve their purpose, on their world. Lucian seemed to know exactly was it was about because he found this way out several Dreams before, and despite his warnings about fooling them and not being the Great Door, some took this opportunity. Many think that he was jealous of people able to leave the Dream.