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Guilds group Avatars sharing the same interest in divers types of knowledge or activities within the Dream world.

They are governed by experts in their domain - Avatars that hold a Grand Mastery in one or multiple Competences of predilection of the Guild. A Guild has leastwise two Magisters and one Grand Magister leading the organisation.

Guilds are generally the place where the most advanced comprehension of the axioms of The Dream can be found and their influence within and on the Dream world itself outshine those of Avatars or factions in most of the cases.

In general, affiliation to a Guild is not linked to the affiliation to a Faction. The rules are defined by the Guild themselves. An Avatar can give its Influence to one or multiple Guilds, empowering them and granting them access to special Powers.

Major Guilds


  • The Cercléquerre (Circlesquare) - Guild of Technology and Invention
  • The Mage-Painters (Les Peintres-Mages)
  • Mezënck
  • The Querulants (Les Querelleurs)


Minor Guilds

La guilde des AAA