Factions and Geopolitical Forces

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Factions are a gatherings of Avatars sharing the same interests and the same vision of the Dream world.

They clash or make alliances in order to preserve and enforce their conception of the Dream and in order to develop their influence on the world. Factions may hold an infinite amount of territories, which provide them with different type of resources. Territories are gained by colonization or by conquest.

In order for a Faction to exist, it must gather at least 50 persons and possess at least one territory.

Geographical Forces

The Neo Imperium

Dreaming Factions

The Black Lotus (Lotus Noir)

The Ivy (Le Lierre)

Naeum Farka

The Chapter (Le Chapitre)

The Taunow

The Barbarian Alliance (L'Alliance Barbare)

The Kingdom (Koninkrijk)

The Islanders (Insulaires)

The Marches of The Ashes (Les Marches de Cendre)

The Free Dreamers (Special)

The Archons

The Ajhô village

Bygone Factions

The White Lotus

The Imperiocratic Republic of the Rose

The Damned

The Flaming Eagles

The Purple Phalanx