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AVATAR - The Saga

Another Venture, Another Time, Another Reality

(Autre Vie, Autre Temps, Autre Réalité)

Live Action Role Playing Game / Jeu de Rôle Grandeur Nature

(Annual Mass LARP Game in Belgium since 2001, more than 1000 players, 4 days long)

Official site: http://larp.be/avatar

This is a fan project, not related to the official organization of the AVATAR LARP. Not related in any kind to the Avatar movie.

Contact: admin[#]avatar-larp.eu

This wiki holds TIME-IN information and is to be considered as a set of in-game books, knowledge, rumors, etc. To know more about the game itself, consult the Time-Out information.

From players, for players

This fan project is around the creation of an encyclopedia of the AVATAR Dream world. It's a community effort, from players for players. Everybody is invited to help, complete, correct and add information. Please keep in mind that there is no claim of writing the truth. However, we try to keep this project as neutral and correct as possible.

AVATAR's scenaristic team is aware of this initiative and approves the effort, however, is not contributing for obvious reasons.

Goal and Aim

The idea of this project is to collect information which is publicly and openly available in the dream. The Dream world is extremely vast and thousands of things happen at the same time. It is impossible to be informed about everything and it is sometimes very difficult to follow the main events. This encyclopedia wants to make the saga of the dream available for all players, to give access to public information in order to increase your enjoyment of the game, as well as to give hints on how to enter the story arcs, information on who to contact to gain access to the game, and finally to allow new players to enter the saga, allowing them to enjoy their new adventures even more. There is NO intention to reveal private and secret information. There is NO intention to destroy anyone's game. There is NO intention to endanger dreamers in the game by revealing too much information. There is also no intention to reveal information that should be found in-game - information which brings special benefits (knowledge is power) and has to be acquired by heroic acts in the Dream. The wiki is not a TI playground, it is an information database. No TI game is allowed here.


In case of incorrect information in the wiki, revelation of secret information or any other infringement against the rules, you are free to discuss this on the page's "Discussion" page in the wiki. Alternatively, you can contact us using the email address above. The same is true if you want a picture of you removed from the wiki. There is of course no problem with that. In case of dispute, the Administrators (Charade for the moment) has the final word. Administrators promise to be just and fair. All rulings are not to be taken personal, it is just important to have someone deciding to avoid endless discussions.


All information written in the wiki are licensed as Creative Commons - EXCEPT when said otherwise. Please don't upload copyrighted materials and for all pictures, please specify the photographer.

In-Time Usage of these Pages

The content of these pages is made available for every AVATAR player. You are free to use this knowledge in your game. However, if you decide to bring some of these pages into the game, please respect the following golden rules:

  • Don't forget to give them TIME-IN aspects. Print them in "script" font and if possible, make it as a nice parchment.
  • If the article contains the mention of a TIME-IN source - such as an author or a place - please be sure to specify this source on the document that you create. By this, the same information appearing in the Dream has the same source and a person consulting a document knows who to address.
  • If there is no mention of a TIME-In source on the page, please contact us to define one (together with you), so all information has coherent sources.

Again, note that written history (as in real live) may not reflect what really happened :)

Team and Thanks

Project Leads: Tepes, Charade

English version supervision: Charade

Frensh version supervision: Tepes

Contributors: Gilles, Cendre, Tepes, Charade, Guilhem "Ghym" de Creo, Lady Alynora, L'herboriste, Magno, Atanaël de Cyrdée, Chantemer le Hougan

We would like to thank all people involved in the realisation of AVATAR: logistics, planning, financing, and volunteering on place, referees and scenarists – universe and factions/guilds. Without them, this huge epos would not be possible and we hope that we honour your work by sharing all this information and by showing what the enormous work you did and do! The more players that are able to enjoy the Dream, the more your work is valued. We hope our work helps with this!


Have a nice Dream and enjoy :)